Award-Winning Vocal Techniques

Brandon Brophy is a former senior instructor of celebrity coach Seth Riggs and Speech Level Singing, as well as co-founder of Vocology In Practice, a trusted, LA-based international voice teacher network

Cross Platform Expertise

Brandon's experience in mix-voice techniques, performance, popular music styles, and publishing, makes him a trusted mentor for many of Canada's best respected singers.

Internationally Recognized

Brandon is author of The Singer's Instinct, used as curriculum at Paul McCartney's LIPA, and Academy of Contemporary of Music in the Uk. His development programs are licensed in the US and Canada.

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  • Brandon is an absolutely marvelous teacher… And he’s fast too! Mr. Brophy is an excellent musician and has over the years I’ve known him developed a vocal range that extends to well over 3 octaves. He not only plays piano well but is also very much aware of the various musical styles that different vocal performers use. His voice is free and has a large vocal range with a developed ability to sing with ease and fulfill the requirements within any style of music (pop, jazz, r&b, musical theatre). He shows a strong focus towards his voice teaching career and towards various educational capacities for the Speech Level Singing organization. He has the ability to combine not only his performance skills, but also his voice teachers mind for musical education. Being a complete musician he will accomplish success by achieving it himself and encourage and support his students in doing the same. Brandon is one of those peculiar pupils who is so in love with his craft that he wants to extend it towards others in anyway he can. It is with great confidence and expectation of success that I recommend Mr. Brophy. I myself have been teaching for 52 years, and I must say that Mr. Brophy is the kind of voice teacher that we should all be fortunate to be able to work with.
    Seth Riggs
  • I have been singing since I was eight, I am in my twenties now and had no idea that I even needed proper training till I started with Brandon almost two years ago! His coaching made a night and day difference in my voice. My band members actually saw a drastic improvement in my voice after just two classes with Brandon. My friends, family and band members continue to express how amazing my voice has become in the past few years. It is only up from here! I’ve had such a remarkable 3 year journey with Brandon. My voice consistently keeps improving and I discover new capabilities with it on a regular basis! My critics, band members and friends now say I sound like a professional singer and I couldn’t be happier to hear that! If you want to be your best and make some amazing contacts in the local music scene, this is the place for it!
    Deepika Mahadevan
  • I have referred many professional friends to Brandon- and the list keeps growing. Every time I have referred a singer, they call me and thank me for introducing me to Brandon as he changes their lives by opening up their voices to reach their true potential. He continues to do this with me- always with a smile and open ears.
    Alex James
  • Best training I’ve ever experienced! Within my first few lessons with Brandon, I had accessed a whole other dimension of my voice that I didn’t even know existed. He has created an open learning environment where I feel comfortable trying new things and exceeding my limitations. Brandon genuinely cares about the improvement of his students and provides incredible opportunities for them to grow. If an “Edge” is what you’re looking for… Singer’s Edge is the place to be.
    Liz Lokre